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Monday, 15 November 2010

We are open again! and originals for sale...

Hi party dudes!

And we're bbaaaccckkkk! Did you miss us? Did you forget about us? Did you notice? Did you care? Did you forget how to feel? Well, don't worry. We're back in our new soupalicious home, the Soup Kitchen. Some people are already calling it "", I've heard them! Below is a picture of how it looked last night before opening, things have moved on quite a lot since then. Some prints are up and things have prices on and gimmicks like that. Trending!

It's like a work in progress in a constant state of flux suspended in furious activity replayed in matrix bullet-time technology! everyday for the foreseeable there's going to be additions - be it paintings on the shelves and walls or new fixtures or new stock. It really has to be seen to be believed, the royal we loves our new home! I liken my excitement and revelation feelings of the first day to that of an alien beamed down to earth straight into the MEN arena during a comedy set by Peter Kay. ZULTAN!

Opening times for this week is...

Tuesday 11am til 3pm
Wednesday 11am til 3pm
Thursday 11am til 7pm
Friday 11am til 7pm
Saturday 11am til 7pm
Sunday 11am til 5pm


Good Grief! captain, David Bailey, AKA me, is having an original artwork bakesale both online and offline. I'm wanting to make a bit of money for new shop supplies and such outrage so I'm trying to flog some origgies off. Here's some photos of the original 'works I'm selling below, £50 a piece. Email me if you're interested or you can buy them instore. All proceeds go towards a good cause!

This poster for Misty's Big Adventure is a4 in size and heavily scribed in biro on thick cartridge paper. It comes from the year of 2005. For the record, the drawing on the poster is my cousin. Don't think he knows about it.

The above was made for a Friendship gig in Leeds all the way back in 2010. It's a3 in size and it's painted in gouache, the colours are vibrant and less yellowed/nicotine stained than they appear here. There's ink on there too don't worry ink fans. This original could be bought to celebrate friendship as a concept as well as a band. Versatile!

Another 2010'r in the a3 format. This time things are done in a mix of ink, gouache and sheer felt tips. This one is like two originals in one because the line up and date changed so I cut out the centrepiece and stuck it on a new bit of paper and drew the new info around it. It looks tidy though. Consider it double-ply heavy cartridge.

This landscape a3 original harks from 2008 and was originally made as an illustration for the now defunct Plan B magazine. Conceived in the days when I had a good nib for my dip pen, black ink heavy.

A3 original all the way from 2008 (I think, maybe 2009) for a tape cover on Lotus Birth for the now defunct Ford Maddox Brown. painted in coloured inks with quill black outlining over the top, fiercely worked into on non more heavy cartridge - we're talking 220gms at least. When the cover was printed, the artwork is cropped around the bottom of the word "Brown" so that ink run-off in the bottom sector is STRICTLY AN ORIGINAL EXCLUSIVE!!! Chomp.

A3 ROWF ROWF ROWF festival poster original from 2008. A mix of black ink via dip pen, disposable pen and felt tip pen. Featuring the coolest dog this side of sexually active jelly baby.

Poster for a Golden Lab club night all the way from 1969...I mean, 2010. Haha. Done in the psych style made popular by the sixties and that. Made in ink and black 'tips - heroic doses of both. A3 in size.

I will post these to anywhere in the world, get in touch to check availability and postage costs, or lack thereof. Pledge!


  1. everything is super nice!!! good luck in the new place! saludos desde buenos aires!