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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

G.Lansard, Not one for knocking on, Oliver East, Jim Medway and more!

We got so much more to blog in terms of recent arrivals, but here's a bludgeoning of the recents this past week. Scary good...

G. LANSARD by G. Lansard

We've been waiting to get our collective hands on this zine from Good vs. Evil ever since we heard about it. See, G. Lansard is one of our very favourite illustrators of recent times and he dwells right here in Manchester. I've never seen a book of his stuff before so this is an absolute treat. Layeriffic black black ink upon greyscale collagery, deathly subject matter with strong medieval or biblical...or some such primitive time vibes. Recommend this to hell and back. Always pleasing thick black lines that are unmistakably Lansard's. 

Here's a video of it courtesy of Good vs. Evil!

40 pages, perfect bound, edition of 50


Exhibition catalogue to accompany the recent Not One For Knocking On exhibition at Rogue Studios curated by the ever-fabulous Oliver East. In the exhibition were Craig Atkinson (Southport, I think), Warren Craghead (Virginia, USA), Malcy Duff (Edinburgh) and Blaise Larmee (Portland, USA). Basically a who's who and what's what of shit kicking contemporary underground press. Good Grief! is a big time fan of all these artists and the guy who curated the exhibition so this catalogue was always going to be a winner but even so it's a real nice piece - excellently laid out and printed. You should get this and then track down work by all the artists involved if you haven't already. A must have!


In other Oliver East related news, he recently graced GG's palm with re-ups of the wonderful Trains are...Mint comics. We have issues one, two, three and five. I implore ye to grab them while you can, I don't think there are many of these TAM issues left for this world. You can read Trains are...Mint issues six and seven online here . Mint.


Speaking of Manchester-based legends, Jim Medway popped into Good Grief! on Sunday with a fistful of first-time stock. I was elated. Check the above Christmas card and below it's insides...

And check this out, you get five of these cards with handprinted outsides and envelopes for the bargain price of £4! Stick that up your


Garden Funnies is a comic anthology (or a horticultural sequential art anthology as it says on the cover) on the Paw Quality comics imprint dealt by Jim Medway. This first issue features grass roots vegetable-heavy comicradery from Steve Tillotson, Jim Medway, Richard Tingley, Aaron Renier, Tanya Meditzky, Alex Potts and Ed Syder. As you can see from the pictures, it's GORGEOUS. 



Garden Funnies #2 is a bigger animal format-wise. Twice the size in fact! This time the anthology features Gary Northfield, Ed Syder, Steve Tillotson, Adam & Hilary Steel, Lizz Lunney, Duncan Borne, Jim Medway, Francesca Cassavetti and Alex Potts. Beautifully put together and printed with rounded corners that you could trace with your finger all day long. Cheddar gorgeous.


Email to inquire about getting any of the titles before they're unleashed upon the online shop

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