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Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Hello! Good Grief!'s good friends, Museums Press are opening a gallery and shop space in Glasgow and they need your help! Please take a look at the video below and visit the sponsume site to sponsor this most righteous of endeavours. You can read more about it below as Museums Press sees it. If you don't know Museums then you're probably lying as we've covered their output on here from day dot (or pretty much), they lived in Manchester putting out things readily and steadily and now they've moved to Glasgow and are seemingly primed to tear it a new one. This will be very exciting, jump in on it now to preserve a piece of future holy turf!

"We're taking a big step and opening a gallery and shop. Its going to be called Good Press and show works from independent visual artists and stock zines, books and ephemera from small press publishers. In the lead up to this, to test the water and get ourselves going, we're opening three temporary spaces in various empty shop spaces around our new home town, Glasgow.

We're trying to raise some awareness and funds by participating on a website called Sponsume. On here it gives people opportunity to post a video explaining what their project is and giving the general public the chance to pledge a little money to the venture. I'm sure you'll appreciate opening the spaces doesn't come totally free of charge and we want to give artists money for shipping work for exhibitions and also pay wholesale prices to independent publishers whilst remaining totally independent ourselves."