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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Good Grief! is moving!


Good Grief! is hauling ass from it's current abode on the third floor of Afflecks to a new home at street level in the Soup Kitchen! If you don't know Soup Kitchen, it's a smashing place. It's a canteen soup cafe sandwich bar venue and exhibition hut on Spear street just across from Blythe's and a few doors down from Fred Aldous', Manchester's two main vein art shops. It's a prime location in super surroundings and I'm very excited and thankful to the Soup Kitchen for letting Good Grief! bring it to their patch.

Here's some photos of the Soup Kitchen to get you in the mood...

By day!

Inside! GG will be parked by the bookshelves at the end of the room.

When the shop moves to Soup Kitchen, you'll be able to come in, look at zines, grab a bowl of coffee...a cup of soup, watch a gig, buy a poster, eat a Manchester egg, take in an exhibition, murder a beer, sit down. All of this and so much more! I'm excited! Can you tell?

Excited but saddened to leave the current shed on the third floor. Thanks to all that have supported Good Grief! in it's present location, I liked being enclosed and long and thin - these were great times. Eternal thanks forever more to Neil Robbins AKA the Scientist for his stirling work early doors to help make the shop what it was with fixtures and feelings and flair. It would not have been anywhere NEAR as good had Neil not kindly and kingly provided his precision point brains and recycled plasticability and woodland nouse. Too many thang yews to all friends and stockees, you're the bestest. Thanks you too to peoples at Afflecks Palais, my fellow shopkeeps especially throughout the ages. I'll miss having same-boat neighbours and friends but look forward to meeting my two new sidekicks - soup and rolls. I'm sure we'll get along famously. Gonna take some photos this week for a more fitting memoriam of the shop as it is now, perhaps then the tears can flod. Goodbye third floor, you beautiful bastard. Hello Soup Kitchen, thank you Sam.

So, you have until Monday to experience the shop as it rolls and has rolled since December 1st 2009. Gates close at 6pm on Monday 8th November 2010. Next Monday! We're open every day until then so git on down for chrissakes to grab a clump of that fabled black shed turf to stick in your trophy cabinet. I doth incite a pitch(ure perfect) invasion! And when I say everyday, I mean everyday. This is how it goes for the rest of /end of days...

Thursday 4th November - 10.30am til 6pm
Friday 5th November - 10.30am til 6pm
Saturday 6th November - 10am til 6pm
Sunday 7th November - 11am til 5pm
Monday 8th November - 10.30am til 6pm
Tuesday 9th November - IT'S GONE

Now between shops Good Grief! won't be closed for long, I don't have an exact reopening new location date but it might be something like Friday 12th/Saturday 13th November. Keep it tuned to here, the official channel, for news on that and please do tell your offline friends. New opening times will be unrolled soon too.

Excitable times!

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