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Tuesday, 23 November 2010


The above is occurring at Soup Kitchen this Wednesday AKA tomorrow and it's basically the hottest free ticket that money can't buy. Come one, come all, raise a glass to the ascending ghost of Sir Yes Sir. Their last ever gig.

You can expect some of this...

You can buy their album at Good Grief! or from the band most likely on the night. The cover is by Lucy Jones so you know it's good

There's a tape EP too with artwork by the marvellous SAVWO. That'll be available on the night and forever more (til it sells out).

We'll be open late doors to celebrate this triumphant occasion. SYS RIP! Here's a press release from the band defining the split...


emo indie rock fans of the world reach for your hankies; supporters of underachieving groups of 20-something wimps hush your gasps; fanciers of unprofessional, weedy, irrelevant guitar bands raise your feeble fists to the skies and give the heavens a non-committal grunt of semi-anguish; the rumours are true: 

SYS ist tot

(that's german for "SYS is dead")

(SYS being our band, sir yes sir)

yes, we're packing it in. genuine thanx to everbody who's helped us along the way, we've had some good times:

maida vale
sowerby bridge pizza
marc riley
some concerts

and some frustrating, underwhelming, and/or bullshit times:

stolen belongings
melted masters
most other parts

we play our last show THIS WEDNESDAY at manchester's SOUP KITCHEN.  it's a free show; eastenders isn't on on wednesdays; it's warm in soup kitchen.  fill an egg cup with tears and receive a complimentary pin badge; marvel at our illustrious 5-yr back catalogue (one tape and one cd and one cdr), brought together in one place for the first (and last) time in a touching tribute to 'commerce'. some of our friends (and yours?) will be playing too, good ones (look at our twitter, or posters around manchester if you live there, for more 'details').  we will play the cream of our impressive catalogue, including (but not limited to):

SEX ON FIRE (aka hit 3)
I PREDICT A RIOT (aka not excited)
PRETTY FLY (FOR A WHITE GUY) (aka have i hell)

...and many more (some with the drum machine. do you remember the drum machine? that was WILD!). it will be fun, if you've ever liked us, or we've ever liked you, please do come and say hi (bye).

whilst this journey comes to an end, the dream (get signed to DGC! play at lollapalooza in 1994! etc) lives on and  perhaps you'll hear something new from us (a different us) in 2K11?

lots of love,

Joseph, Daniel and Samuel

22 November 2010 (a.k.a. the day the  music died)

Note to editors

1. We feel that our comprehensive (not to mention critically acclaimed) back catalogue is defining WHO WE ARE and HOW WE LIVE OUR LIVES.  We don't want to think like LOSERS any more; LOSERS being the foundation on which we've built our image, career and, ultimately, life-view.

2. We feel the name ("SIR YES SIR") prevents us from ever reaching the top table of the music industry.  How can we be offered (or deserve?) that elusive recording contract whilst burdened with a moniker which, when anagagramised, spells "ERR, I SISSY"?

3. We feel that, in light of the successes over the years of fellow travellers down the road labelled "CREDIBLE CAREER AS ALT. MUSICIAN (AND SOMETIME CELEBRITY COLLABORATOR, JOOLS HOLLAND STAR, STYLE ICON ETC)", the "SYS vehicle" has too many miles on the clock to prick up the ears of the all-important public any more than they've already been pricked.  "Sir Yes Sir?  Yes, I believe I saw them at Jabez Clegg back in 2007.  They were ok; no more, no less.  I have no desire to invest any MORE time in their output" (is our feeling on what the likely reaction to the question "Sir Yes Sir?" would be, were it posed to "Joe Bloggs")


P.S. The Hotpants Romance instore was a raging success, thank you to them for playing and to all that came. Go see them across the Europe map right now!

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