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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Preston Zine Fair

All hear this, this coming Friday and Saturday there is a zine, artists book and multiples fair in Preston. Organised by Cafe Royal, this is sure to be a hit event with over 30 different stalls of makers. See the front and reverse of the sweet flyer above for more details. Safe to say it's the best thing that happened to Preston since the train to Blackpool North (ZING). I'll have a stall there on the Friday selling all things Good Grief! and Mount Pleasant, I'll be co-piloted by my friend Ben who will inevitably be packing something sweet, and hopefully something savoury too - hint hint (bring lunch). Other stall holders shall include Camp Yellow, ILK Collective, Elly Strigner, Drippy Bone Books, Cafe Royal and many others that I don't know about yet but soon will! I'm excited, so should you be. Come for a day/weekend out!

The shop is stacked more so than perhaps it's ever been. Had some great great arrivals this week gone from the likes of PictureBox, my Dad (tshirts, totes, new designs by me), Dylan Hughes, Faye Johnson, Rob Jackson, Joe List and I think more that I've forgotten at the time of typing. More posts and photos of these to come this week. I'm also working on an online shop buying books option so that's in the blender too.

Pop in!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Michael Deforge

The Deforge load

Inside Sloe Black! And below

Inside GAGS! And below

Inside Neighborhood Sacrifice! And below

Inside Lose! And below

Most excellent shipment from Michael Deforge, Canada. We gots the 'Sloe Black', black and white zine of Michael's drawings - taking the line for a jog, truly. 'Gags', a straight up skewed ha-ha fest of Michael's drawings with punchlines that channel the spirit of fifties rebels - sassing back at the teacher. 'Neighbour Sacrifice' is a newspaper format dreamfest of Michael's drawings along with Jesjit Gill and Steph Davidson, a total wonder. And finally, 'Lose', Michael's full comic debut on the super sweet Koyama Press publisher. Come get some! All hail King Trash!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Keith G. Herzik

The postman went loco and dropped this bumper parcel of Keith G. Herzik books on Sunday, the shipment was obviously too hot to handle so el postino had to enlighten me on his day of rest. Fair play. Keith Herzik lives in Chicago, he makes fun on paper. Observe the snaps of these screenprinted books for proof!!!!! So pleased to have FIVE books of Keith's in the shop, I'm a long-time admirer of his wyld style. Each copy of each book is unique unto itself with different colourways, crops and the whole part 'n' parcel of the process. Priced at £4 and £5, you need these inexpensive priceless booklets of joy in your life. Collect 'em all!