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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The People You're Not

Sh*t the bed, long time no blogs. We be readdressing this sorry state next week onward and upward, plenty of new and newish stuff to document. In the meantime the best way to keep abreast is to visit the actual real-life shop, opening hours as per the stated on the right hand side of the screen. Except this week actually, we've got slightly differing hours because Soup Kitchen closes early tomorrow (Thursday) so do we, open 11am-3pm. Then Friday we be closing early too (11am-3pm) because we're getting down for this...

The People You're Not - at Cornerhouse from Cornerhouse on Vimeo.

"The People You're Not", a brand spanker new exhibition at the Cornerhouse which I've got work in alongside 5 other artists (including GG! faves Savwo and Simon Misra) for a project based on an idea by Harry Hill to recreate George Cruikshank's Worship of Bacchus painting using famous alcoholics (slebby boozers), steered to within an inch of perfection by Bren O'Callaghan.  It involves 6 large toy theatres with scenes from the painting updated and packed full of fizzy bizzers from the fame game. Crucial. Opening night is this Friday 6pm-8pm and it rolls on til the end of February. Get in!