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Monday, 8 February 2010

Stock o'clock

A new things continuation from yesterday, some slightly better instore snaps. Taken earlier this evening...

Good Vs. Evil Magazine #4. All star zine featuring the work of a good many class acts from around the globe. This issue's theme is Man Vs. Woman so expect it to be hideously kinky. £4

GIFTS by Jess Higgins. Jess sums up the content (plus photos) better than I ever could here on her blog. Safe for me to say though that is a triumphant parcel with a great short story and a great many other great things. Click the photo above to read my analog instore description. £3.50

Zine by French illustrationaire extraordinaire, Shoboshobo, brought to you by Good Vs.Evil zine's all new publishing imprint. The drawings are FABULOUS, you can see that by looking at them above. Curiously wall based with a variety of human sprawlings. Fully colour. £5.50

Gloriously deep photocopied collage painty freshness from Faye Johnson. Things are not as they appear in "Through These Eyes", a dog disguised as a chair? WHAATTTTTT. Lovely and big and great. £4

Baby-based fiction from me, David Bailey, it's a bit silly but then we are in a recession. Not suitable for babies. £1.50 - one copy left - dunno about a reprint

Pistol Whip #1 and #2 by Ben Mather. Real nice english reappropriation and unappropriation from the best illustrator in Wigan. Masking taped out, photocopied up and biro heavy. You may have been served by Ben if you attended the recent zine fair in Preston at which we stall sat together. Small world! £2

Posters by Rebecca Crompton. Make your wall about 1,000 times classier with these posters. TO DIE FOR, prices range from £1.50 - £3.

Greetings cards by Rebecca Crompton! So great, so fitting...for every occasion! It's Valentine's day coming up soon and there's ten different designs so you can get a different card for your Mum AND your Dad. Everybody's happy. I love these cards, I'm happy. £2.50 each

Stupid/classic t-shirts screenprinted by my good Dad. Designs by stupid/classic me. It's 2010!!!!!! Everyone's wearing a shirt with the legend emblazoned upon it, 2010!!! Be the first! WHASSSSSSSUP! Everybody's saying it! A man living inside a skill!! We've all been there!! £10 in all the sizes, some colour variants to boot.

Good Grief! tote bag. Advertise me! £4

That's enough new stuff for now, shortly forthcoming is a little piece on some older things and a blog on the motherload that just landed from the oustanding Famicon Express. Unreal, it's all the shop now. Cometh. Photo's below of the shop's current state...

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