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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Famicon Express books

The other day Good Grief! received the bumper load from Famicon Express books of Brighton. As you can see, they're pretty sweet. Easy the best books I never knew existed from the UK. Feast on... 

2by2 by Jonathan Chandler. A set of three books beautifully presented. Sparse black and white drawings and words, abstract scenes, strange conversation. A must for fans of ink and paper. 20 pages + 20 pages +12 pages. £10

SSS by Kitty Clark and GHXYK2. Spook Success Story! Other wordly conversation between a tree and a dark cloud/ghost/black mass. Topics include ghosts, spells and life in general. Very great, really nice package with splendid black and white drawings. £3.50

Bad Boys by Leon Sadler. Very funnily drawn and worded book about a big baby-like mute head and three little helpers/terrors. I love this. 20 pages 14cm x 20cm. 2008. £3

Whales and Wonders by David Steans and Hardeep Pandhal. Project book bound by a GOLD plated chain, insane. Really nice package of a 16 page 14cm x 20cm book with A3 colour fold out poster and short essay. Great whale-based drawings. Edition of 30. £5

Mega Macerator by Massimiliano Bomber and Leon Sadler with GHXYK2. An "Anglo-Italo mega-mush"! Collection of drawings and comics, a mix of black and white photocopy and various colour risograph prints on different paper stocks. Edition of 60, we've just got ONE COPY. £5.50

Roudy and the Insects by Leon Sadler. Another funny comic from Leon Sadler, this time it's all about the big clumsy nice guy Roudy and the cute at first glance insects. Classique! 32 pages, 14cm x 20cm. £4

Uh-oh, Leon just upped the P&P TLC by about 1000% Imagine if everyone who sends me a parcel drew Charlie Brown on it, imagine! I am actively encouraging it.

By the way, an online shop is still in the works but if anyone from anywhere is interested in purchasing any books from what they've seen on here, just send me an email detailing what you're after and I'll price you up.

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  1. Yes Please Save Me One of Those Cute Ones Pwease! Fanx, I'm a big FWAN! Loves! You're fierce! FAMOUS!