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Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Latest

Sunday, Sunday, the day before Monday. A day of closure for Good Grief but a day of reflection and hastily taken photographs of recent arrivals. Observe the results below with hasty descriptions to fit the hasty depictions. Longer, laboured, longing looks to follow with more photos of new stock, perhaps tomorrow? Come visit me in the shop to breathe it all fully in.

A Very Kraftwerk Summer, by Christopher Hutsul. One of three excellent books Good Grief is carrying on the very lovely Koyama Press, all the way from Canadia. Young boy hangs out with Kraftwerk for the summer, has German inflicted jollies. Laughter and "oh that's perfect" moments ensue. Screenprinted cover on crazy woodlike paper, £6

Timeless tale of Old Man and the Lake by Manchester-based illustrator, Rebecca Crompton. Beautiful format and I can't get enough of these drawings and words. One loves it. £3

Good Grief! has both issues of Bolton comic master, Rob Jackson's TOTALLY AMAZING Great Deeds Against the Dead. A funny horror comic about an old artist who loses his mind and takes heed from the talking paintings of his dead wife, all this and so much more. I was on a knife edge 'til Rob dropped off #2 and now I can sleep again at night. £2.50 for each issue.

French black and white psychedelic noodler, heavy black mass and quite funny in places. £6

The first of three books we be stocking by Manchester-BASED illustrator, Faye Johnson. THE ROYAL HIGHWAY TO THE UNCONSCIOUS MIND. To leaf it is to love it. Streams of conscious, unconscious and subconscious scat with labelling that I'm a big big fan of. Beeyootiful painted illustrations. £5

This book comes at us from the hands of Canada-dwelling screenprinting and drawing expert, Jesjit Gill. This being his new project, Cave Mind, an all-screenprinted affair with pages from a load of hi-end artists such as Tetsunori Tawaraya, Michael Deforge, Seripop, Keith Herzik, Ryan Duggan, Steph Davidson and many möregåsbord. A real piece. £14
Hey look at this, an actual photo from my actual lounge. The poster in the frame is just one of the many Rebecca Crompton posters you can now snap up at Good Grief, prices start from £1.50 and go up to £3. This drawing is nominated for an Oscar this year and will probably win. We also have GREEEEEETINGS CARDS from Rebecca which are about the best Greetings cards I've seen, I'll be buying them for upcoming birthdays, you should too. Photogs forthcoming.

There's been stuff in the shop that's flown out before I got chance to blog my socks off about. Such things include two awesome screenprinted books by Dylan Hughes, FreeDrawings free newspapers from Jesjit Gill - they were free and amazing big broadsheet size pages of various artists' work, hence why they went FAST.

New things that haven't sold out include Good vs. Evil zine #4 (£6), PictureBox stuffs (new blog on these forthcoming also), many posters by the aforementioned Rebecca Crompton, Faye Johnson, Mount Pleasant and Savage Wolf. New audible goods from Irma Vep, Klaus Kinski, Married to the Sea, Leveret, Obsidian Pond, Golden Lab Records. New wearable goods from my Dad, screenprinted with my designs (t-shirts £10), tote bags (£4) also. This is a list. Choose to do what ye might with this information.

Thank you

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