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Sunday, 18 July 2010

John Broadley books just in!

Oh my blog, he's making eyes at me and I don't mind. New shipment from the Jim Broadbent of handmade illustrated extravagance, John Broadley. Previously we had the outrageous Wild For Adventure 4, a book so sought after that it sparked the first and only theft from Good Grief's shelves. Armed guards are poised for the arrival of the latests...


Pond Life is vintage 2007 John Broadley. An absurd mix of non-sequential Medieval, Victorian, Recent and Nowadays informed frames that are standalone beauties but make your jaw drop when you take them all in together. Similar to John's Wild For Adventure series. Pond Life is an edition of 50, each book comes with a loose leaf numbered certificate of authentication. Nuff said. 

£8, buy it instore or here


Oh me! Oh my! Have you ever seen a more wonderful book of such diminutive stature?? Liar! A true coffee table book if ever there was one. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is written by Washington Irvine with illustration heroics by John Broadley. The text is best read in short sittings to avoid it's tiny! This will fit on your bookshelf no matter how full it is. Guaranteed. 

----SOLD OUT----


The Twisted Tongue is vintage 1999 John Broadley. Packed with John's classical black 'n' white illustrations as ever, this time the theme is tongue twisters. The result, as you can see, is ha-larious and beautiful. We have the last copies of this 38 edition book, most come with a loose leaf numbered edition sheet - fancy! 

£4.50, buy instore or online!

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