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Thursday, 15 July 2010

From Apple Strudel to The Factoids of Life

Here's what's hot and new to the shop :::

APPLE STRUDEL by Trinia Munoz

Good Grief's European trawler man brings you this zine by Trinia Munoz, all the way from Barcelona. Heavily penned black and white drawings and portraits. Warts and all approach yet classy throughout. £4.50

L'IVRE PUNK by Julien Dupont

  The second major find from our mystery Eurohound. This zine is direct from Lyon and by the hand of Julien Dupont (also from the band, Motherfucking). Stark black and white thumbnail/snapshot styled drawings. Abstract scenes with a smidge of French annotation. £3.50

NO MORE HEAD ACHES by Jess Higgins

Jess Higgins, brains behind the Museums imprint and many fine solo releases, drops this beautifully assembled black and white zine of her drawings. Geometric patterns, sloganeering, inky drawings, precision needlecraft. Yes please, always! Just eleven copies made so act fast. £3.50



Melbourne man in Manchester, Leigh Crow, dropped off this absolutely spiffing found photo zine last week. Old photos found in and around shops in and around Europe, there are some classic scenes as you can see above. A mix of colour, sepia and black and white with sporadic bursts of inking on top by Crow - you can also get Crow's "Mega Weathered" drawing zine instore too yezzur. £2.50


I didn't take any photos of the insides for some reason but trust on this, it's nicely laid out and very word-y within. Japes. This is a beaut of a short-story by R L Perry and publicated by Museums. Here's a glimpse of the opening paragraph,

"His scar was approximately one and a half inches in each direction. Roughly round. The lifeless white all history is awash with. Depending on one's theory of scar dating - from cut (or conception) or from when the sticky scab dries and dies and reveals what remains (birth, you might say)- the scar was either twelve years old (to the day), or else two weeks shy of it's silk anniversary."

Housed in a glorious cover assembled by Lucy Jones, Laetitia Glenton and Jess Higgins. £5

A screenprinted book by Dylan Hughes

Ok, by the time I press "send" on this blog this book will probably already be gone as there's only one copy and it's fresh to death. Drawn and printed by Dylan Hughes, Manchester's Lord of the Layers. Colouriffic, texturetastic, call it what you will. It's ill, it kills. £4

Dylan kindly, kingly and princely delivered his prints from the Good Grief! Group Show! exhibition to the shop for sale to you, the general public. Below is a few shots of some of the A3 sized ones, there's a host to look at and they're at bargain basement prices. The below are £4 each.

THE EVERYDAY collection 1, 2 and 3 by Adam Cadwell

The Everyday collections by Adam Cadwell are back in stock! Gleefully so. There are three collections, each with Adam's autobiographic observations and funny run of the mill mundaneness. The comics are anything but run of the mill though! A paper translation of Adam's ongoing webcomic series. Often Manchester-specific too, location fans! £4 each

THE FACTOIDS OF LIFE by Kevin H, Ted May and Dan Z

"Compendium of crazy facts from the comic strip "Amazing Facts and Beyond" hosted by master factsman, Leon Beyond." Yes indeed! I love that this comic has such a vast index, literally packed with facts. Very great idea and execution, just look at the above pages!! Just one of about six comics recently dropped off at Good Grief! by Sacha Mardou and Ted May. If I don't get round to blogging the rest then you should definitely come in and check them out personally. This fact-fest retails at £3.50

FIGHT by Jack Teagle

This ain't new but thought I'd give it some face time as it's just smashing isn't it! The last of the books we've got by Jack Teagle, get on it! FIGHT! £2

Thus concludes today's new book bloggade. More incoming so blogs to follow, check out the online shop if you can't make it in to the shop for your latest style fix.

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