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Friday, 16 April 2010

Nazi Knife #6

Nazi Knife #6
196 pages
full colour
Hendrik Hegray / Jonas Delaborde / Stephane Prigent / Roope Eronen / Spencer Clark / Jamie Mc Neill / Julien Carreyn / Pat Maher / Leon Sadler / Frederic Fleury / Heath Moerland / Andy Bolus / CF / Andres Ramirez / James Ferraro / David Douard / Antoine Marquis / Pascal Doury / Cyrille Le Vély / Jacques Noël / Dylan Nyoukis

Now the term "visual feast" is often overused these days but this book is an insane VISUAL FEAST! Cover to cover image overload with no text or why fors or who bys (bar one page of artist listings in the middle). It's a wild mix of drawing, painting, photogs and collage all mashed together with 1,000 experts eyes. It's a real beauty of a book and one of my favourite things to drop in to Good Grief! so far. Check out the artist list above, it's a veritable who's who of that's hot. Copies arrived today and I just had to bloggit. Further blogs forthcoming on recent arrivals. Nazi Knife #6  will also be added to the online shop on Sunday most likely, for now you can buy it instore for £16. Act fast as these bibles will fly!

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