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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Mount Pleasant Exhibition

An exhibition of original posters, record covers, prints and illustrations by Lucy Jones and David Bailey
Come party at the opening night on Friday 30th April 2010 with actual live band Dinner Party ( playing covers and Beat Unhappening superstar DJs ( playing grooves with hooves on the ones and twos. Plus drinks and ART, absolutely fabulous! It all kicks off from 8pm, come one come all. The exhibition then runs til the 4th May. May the Fourth be with you? This is mine and Lucy's first exhibition proper since 2005.

MOUNT PLEASANT (1982 - Present)

LUCY JONES and DAVID BAILEY have been MOUNT PLEASANT for as long as
anyone can remember, at least since the dawn of the internet, at

They really are a MIRACULOUS duo; grown from the hotbed of creativity
that is MMU's Illustration Department, they have, over the last decade
or so, gone about forgetting everything they were ever taught (apart
from that pearl of wisdom about sending all your clients a bottle of
wine with your latest masterpiece as a label every Christmas) and are
re-writing the rule book (however loose it may be) of ART.

DAVID BAILEY has the uncommon ability to make the mundane, routine and
everyday seem hilarious, striking and truly original. A pioneer in
the world of GIBBERISH art, David's more recent works rely as much on
words of STAGGERING hilarity as they do on the ever-present EXQUISITE
pen and pencil work. Something noteworthy about David's work is the
LIBRAIC collection of font-types he can hold within his brain;
staggering too is the ability to know exactly which set of HEAVEN SENT
letters fits the purpose, time and place.

David's work transcends categorisation or galleries or time or place
or person; he works on his own time, in his own gallery and for own

LUCY JONES has many uncommon abilities too, there isn't that many
people who could pack a whole novel's worth of complexities, twists
and turns into a single shape or line.

Lucy refuses to stand still within her work, constantly looking for
new mediums to work within, often the trial and error nature of these
explorations leads to even more EXCITING and STRIKING results. The
commitment and VERVE Lucy applies to her work are rarely seen in real
life and in real time, they belong more in a book archiving an
artist's whole career or a film charting the progression of a whole
movement, but here she is in real life and in real time.


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