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Thursday, 5 August 2010

No Way...


The Good Grief! roadshow will make it's debut appearance on our Queen's turf, London.
Lock up your corgies, Ma'am! If this weren't enough of an event, the reason why the shop is having a capital event is because of the above event. Yes Way, Upset the Rhythm's bangin' looking festivALL. Absolutely capital my man! Check out all the sweet bands playing, including the shop's MCR favestays Former Bullies, Waiters, No Womb, Klaus Kinski and all of that. Upset your ears and then come upset your wallets on the GG table. We be rocking it Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th of September.

A skeleton squad will be manning the Manchester perma-shop Saturday 14th so no fears if you're on a domestic that weekend.

In the meanwhile, listen to the new Beat Unhappening mix courtesy of those Comfortable on a Tightrope centaurs. Das beaut!

'BE EMBROILED' Beat Unhappening Mix no.6 by BEATUNHAPPENING

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