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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Good Grief! Group Show!

I am tres pumped to announce the above exhibition which is happening at The Art Corner (above Trof/The Corner, Fallowfield, 424ish Wilmslow Rd, Manchester) from Wednesday June 16th. It's a pick of Good Grief's very favouritest illustrating artists illustrating in Manchester right about NOW. They are...



Well, I'm not picking myself as one of my favouritest illustrating artists, I'm just there because I wanted to rub shoulders with the illustrati. You should check out all the peoples involved because they're all boss. Click them names.

Come on down if you're in town to the preview night on Wednesday 16 June. There'll be comfortable on a turntable dj'ing from Beat Unhappening and drinks from a box. It runs from 7.30pm til midnight, your attendance would be fabulous. If you can't make it then please make it down one day between 10am - 6pm, all the way til it comes down on the 24th. 

Very excited.

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