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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Michael Deforge

The Deforge load

Inside Sloe Black! And below

Inside GAGS! And below

Inside Neighborhood Sacrifice! And below

Inside Lose! And below

Most excellent shipment from Michael Deforge, Canada. We gots the 'Sloe Black', black and white zine of Michael's drawings - taking the line for a jog, truly. 'Gags', a straight up skewed ha-ha fest of Michael's drawings with punchlines that channel the spirit of fifties rebels - sassing back at the teacher. 'Neighbour Sacrifice' is a newspaper format dreamfest of Michael's drawings along with Jesjit Gill and Steph Davidson, a total wonder. And finally, 'Lose', Michael's full comic debut on the super sweet Koyama Press publisher. Come get some! All hail King Trash!

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