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Sunday, 13 December 2009


Some snaps from last week. More in the way of books has turned up since, including Matthew Thurber's excellent 1-800 Mice #1, 2 and 3!!!!!!!!!! Check the vid below. Fully comprehensive list to come soon but in the meantime, the photos and captions beneath give a taste. Come in to see it all!

My view of proceedings. Observe the rare snap of a real-life browsing actor. Her rates per page turn are highly competitive.

The wall that isn't the window. Beautilicious wall adornments and table cloth coverings

Just a small selection of the stupendous beyond FINE art Seripop posters Good Grief! is packing on the left two-thirds. On the right one-third we have just one of the small selection of Lucy Jones posters that are beautifully created and realised.

My bad self sat at my bad desk surrounded by bad flags infront of more bad Lucy Jones posters

Asides from the selection of Upset the Rhythm recs captured above, we also have an extensive line in Comfortable on a Tightrope tapes (Irma Vep, Nathaniel, Former Bullies), Golden Lab Records records, cd-rs and tapes, Rayon Record tapes assss well as stand-alone stand-out pieces from Waiters, Great Grand Suns and Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides...and maybe some others too.

In other, slightly less heavily linked, news, Good Grief! welcomed her first celebrity customer this week. Josie Long, the famous comedian. All we here at GG! officially love her and don't see how any further celeb cameos could better Josie's walk-on (speaking) part. That isn't to say that other celebrities shouldn't try butttttt maybe you shouldn't. Good Grief! also welcomes the unfamous (and the infamous) and the unfunny. Praise bee!

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